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La Sacra Bibbia Versione Nuova Diodati



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From: The Bible Version Debate Resolved

  • The Thinking Theories and Theology of Westcott and Hort
    This essay is an extensive look at Fenton J. A. Hort one of the fathers of the modern new version movement. It examines his personal beliefs, doctrines, his involvement in the occult, his attitude towards YOU, and the results of all this today. This essay is based on his life & letters. The information presented here is accurate and shocking.
  • The Oldest and Best Manuscripts: How good are they?
    This work exposes the manuscripts behind the new Bible Versions. This work finds the reasons behind the omissions in the manuscripts, brings several key scholars to the witness stand, and drags Rome to the front for a public "confession". The omissions and deletions in the manuscripts are brought from shadows of higher criticism to the light for all to see. You can choose for yourself if these things "ought so to be!"
  • The New International Version: How new is it?
    This essay takes a look at the influential men and the principle manuscripts that have shaped the NIV. The Biblical precedent for manuscript mutilation is also scrutinized.
  • The NASV and the Deity of Christ (1963)
    This tract has been reproduced and distrubuted thousands of times. It principly examines how the NASV treats the Deity of Christ, examining a few key scriptures and marginal notes. This tract is assured to enlighten any reader with an open mind. See Gail Riplinger's personal note abou this tract.
  • Should Christians Trust the Revised Standard Version
    What does the RSV have to do with: COMMUNISM, the NCCC, the Deity of Christ, the Virgin Birth. This essay goes indepth showing what various Christian Fundamental (take into account the time the essay was written) have said regarding the RSV. This is Cecil Carter's first essay concerning the new versions.
  • The King James Version and The Proffessor
    This essay is in response to a book published by D.A. Carson entitled The KJV Debate. Are his facts accurate? Is his reasoning sound? What about the KJV defenders he attacks? Its all answered here.
  • The Doctrinal Significance of Deleted portions of Holy Scripture
    This essay examines some of the portions of text removed commonly from new versions and identifies the significance of their removal.
  • The New English Bible
    This essay reveals some of the more startling instances of the savage butchery of the Word of God occuring in the NEB
  • Take Heed That No Man Deceive You
    If the new versions are perverted, then why do the majority of Churches use them? Why do godly men use and recommend them? These questions do have answers and they are found in the word of God. Read this essay to get a biblical background of why many sincere men and women may be error. This is a preached message transcribed from a tape recording.
  • A Public Spanking for James White
    This on going essay is updated as the LORD enables
  • Scholars Find The Light
    Here is the story of four different scholars who had there minds set, until presented with the facts. Read their testimonies.
  • Radio Excerpt
    This is an excerpt from a radio broadcast to deal with the totally unfair attitude of many men criticizing Gail Riplinger. This rebuke were directed towards those who with malicious intent attacked her, and not towards those who criticized her but were misled. Here is a reproduction of the portion that Gail has published herself.

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