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Java Scripts

Trailing Cursors
Trailing Text Cursor
Trailing Clock Cursor
Magic Wand Cursor
Rising Bubbles Cursor Bookmark Page
Falling Snow
Pop Up Name Alert
Pop Up Welcome
Thumbnail Popups
No Right Click
Break out of Frames
Password Protect

(*password is hypergurl)
Prompt on Entry
Text in Status Bar
Bouncing Ball Script
Preloading Graphics
Neon Text
Scrolling Text
Vertical Scrolling Text
Fancy Mouseover Navigation
Random Images
Last Update
Drop Table Navigation
Popup on Exit
Change Image Daily
Random Midi Music
Specify Entry Page
Print This Page
Question & Answer
Side Graphic Navigation NEW!

Server Side Includes
What is SSI
Easy navigation using SSI

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Java Applets


Java Applets Collection

HTML Scripts

What is HTML?
How to Make a Website
How to Make Frames
Drop Down Menu
ASCII Symbols
Hexadecimal Color Chart
HTML Books
Redirect Visitors
Email Scripts
Choose Background
Page Anchors
Fancy Page Transitions
Fancy Text Effects
Highlight Text
Text B'ground Image
Simple Text Mouseover
Alt Tag on Text
Post Banner in Guestbook
Scrolling Upward Text
Music on Webpage

Style Type CSS Scripts

Colored Scrollbar
No Underline On Links
Change Text Color on M/over
Change Link Color on M/over
Overlapping Text
Introduction To CSS
Learning Basic CSS Code
Linking a Stylesheet
Importing a Stylesheet
Working with Fonts
Controlling Text Size
Applying Special Effects
Text Spacing & Alignment
Aligning, Margins & Borders
Applying Colors, Backgrounds & Positioning
Absolute & Relative Positioning
Setting Your Own .class Selector











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